Exterior Aluminium Batten Designs

Exterior Aluminium Batten Designs

Aluminium battens can be used for creating wall accents and ceilings, for interior or exterior applications. Aluminium battens are perfect for many design projects, such as creating contemporary feature walls, and interior and exterior roofs. Battens are available in various shapes and sizes, which allows a designer to make a larger architectural statement while using less building labour.

Wooden joists and boards have been, and always will be, a valuable design element to interior designers and architects, for many reasons. Today, designers are using a batten and wood grain motif both inside and outside of homes, adding character. When looking at outdoor ideas for more traditional homes, you will notice the outside is typically made up of brick and wooden siding, whereas stone and metal siding are modern options that are popular with more contemporary homes.

There is an enormous array of exterior designs to choose from–whether you are a traditionalist, minimalist, or trendsetter, there is an architectural style that works for you. Choose from colours, sizes, and styles of patio doors that perfectly complement the design of your home. For sleek, contemporary looks, consider a Prairie, Art Deco, Modern, or Midcentury Design.

The landscape is also critical for a well-designed contemporary exterior, so select plants and hardscapes that work in harmony with your furnishings for an inviting appearance. When considering different ideas for decorating the exterior, you will notice that less is often more; some modern decor elements can add a nice touch of flair to the architecture of the house, but too much of it can cause the outside to appear messy and cluttered. These ideas for deck railings and porches will show you how much of an impact a simple change of scenery can have on an outdoor design.

This simple 4-piece design for the entablature provides for great volume while also showing off some wall surfaces and great depth. This simple cornice offers mouldings to create a large entablature with a smaller depth — it features our Designer Series Roman Gutter System steps with an LZ Compound Curve Trim and is finished with a larger rosette finish. It provides a small entablature with a large depth — featuring a frieze, double convex moulding, an optional ventilated or unventilated soffit, and featuring our Designer Series Commercial Gutter with battens.

Manufactured in sheet aluminium, our handsome moulded cornice edging, soffit, and mouldings come in an array of interchangeable Cornice profiles – giving you the flexibility to custom-design your own Cornice. Austratus experienced teams can manufacture aluminium battens and ceiling tiles based on your specifications, with any one of 30 woodgrain finishes. Whether you are looking to add a striking feature wall or cover the whole exterior, you will find the ideal solution in our aluminium range of robust extruded cladding.

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Ullrich Aluminium’s in-house team of expert design engineers can help create bespoke extrusions for any project, and Ultra Batten is one such product, offering a light, tough, long-lasting, and low-maintenance solution for all commercial and residential developments. The lightweight nature of our aluminium Battens, combined with the amazing durability and ease of maintenance, makes for an enjoyable experience over years.

The aluminium battens are designed hollow on the inside, and while it has a wood-like look, in reality, it is lighter, but it is still got that high-strength advantage of aluminium metal. Aluminium Board & Batten siding is considered to be a stronger, more durable exterior compared to the real wooden exterior, however, still falls short compared to steel. Both these products are made from metal, and steel offers more durability than aluminium.

In most cases, homeowners will save both time and money by choosing steel instead of aluminium siding for boards and joists. Modern materials such as metal siding in a board and batten ready-made design offer more protection from the elements, and they avoid many common problems that come with real wood siding. Whether you choose aluminium siding that looks like timber, or aluminium siding with cladding, there are many benefits to choosing aluminium.

Wood-finished aluminium blends the natural warmth of wood with the durability and productivity of aluminium. Using Super Durable(TM) Finish, which is 50% longer lasting than other powder coats, DECOs wood-look finishes on aluminium products are designed to last. DecoWood can be applied to a number of aluminium products in the DECO family, including DecoClad, DecoDeck, DecoBatten, and DecoSlat.

DECOs aluminium cladding system, DecoBatten, can be made to mimic real wood using DECOs Timber-Look Finishes for Aluminium(r) finish, or to blend with the rest of the design elements of your house using one of DECOs new Concrete-Look or Rust-Look finishes, giving off a modern, urban feel. DecoBatten(r) replicates the shape, feel and look of luxury wood with its super-durable(TM) DecoWood(r) finish, so that you can recreate the beauty of a real wood batten even in the most demanding of outdoor environments. DecoCoat(r) full-colour finishes are also available, allowing you to create bright, modern designs.

Each panel not only will provide an attractive, worry-free external appearance, but will also enhance your home’s curb appeal. Featuring a realistically proportioned 7-way slant, featuring 5-1/2 boards and 1-1/2 slat strips, this premium-crafted panel works great as an entire house exterior, or the ideal accent siding.

DecoSlat Timber-Look Aluminum Slats are perfect for creating a fashionable privacy screen while adding an amazing wood-like aesthetic to your home design. Using DecoClad wood-look aluminium siding on ceilings or gables brings a natural woody warmth into your home while adding to the luxury appearance of your outdoor spaces. Aesthetics: With many design options, aluminium-clad wooden patio doors add classic appeal to your home.

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